How does the subscription work?

We’re still hammering out the details on this one.  It’s why we haven’t asked for anyone’s credit cards yet.  But, the idea is the following:  One low rate for everyone.

We don’t think that anyone is a second class passenger, and so we won’t be giving one group of people better service and sticking it to our other passengers.  Instead, we’ll give top level service to everyone.  Because flying shouldn’t suck.

We’d like to get subscriptions down to $150 a month.  In fact, we’re guaranteeing that rate to some early subscribers, and the top referrers.

But, if at that rate we just can’t put enough planes in the sky to meet demand - we’ll have to charge a little more on the subscription - or add a small $25 cost for each flight. (We know - that ruins the ‘all you can fly’ but we’ve had several folks make passionate cases for doing so.)  What do you think?  Which would be better $250 a month, or $150 a month, and $25 per flight?

How do we skip TSA?

There are approximately 22,000 airports in the US.  Only 490 require TSA.  TSA is actually required for entry into what is called a “sterile area.”

We just skip that.  Many airports offer both sterile and “unsanitized” areas. At those airports, we’ll fly into the TSA-less portion.  At some, like (we’ve been told) Washington Reagan’s DCA all passengers must use a sterile space.  So - we won’t fly there.

But - since we are flying much smaller planes than most airlines - we don’t need huge airports with long waitlines, and parking issues.

Instead of flying into DCA - we’ll fly into VKX, or “Potomac Airfield.”  It’s located just behind the National Harbor, in Washington D.C. and a cab ride from Potomac Airfield is just as close to downtown Washington, D.C. as one from Reagan National.

It’s a simple innovation - but one we’re proud of.

PlaneRed’s new blog

We’ve been getting lots of questions about what we do, and how we’ll do it.  We’ll use this blog to answer some of those questions.